Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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  1. Clean Air-Cool Planet’s Community Catalyst Fund:

    Grants available for small-town groups
    working on energy, climate, and sustainability.

    Community groups seeking funding for energy-, sustainability- and climate-related projects have a source for small grants.

    Clean Air-Cool Planet established the Community Catalyst Fund with funding from the Overbrook Foundation. The Fund makes grants of between $250 and $2500 to groups in communities of fewer than 20,000 in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, focused on improving the environmental sustainability, health and economic well-being of their communities.

    The goal of the fund is to overcome small financial hurdles so groups can move forward with projects and programs aimed at energy use reduction, public engagement and the promotion of environmental stewardship that will bring much greater rewards to their communities, according to Adam Markham, CEO and President at Clean Air-Cool Planet (CA-CP), which has offices in New Canaan, CT, Portsmouth, NH and Washington, D.C.

    There are no deadlines for grant submission; proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and applicants will ordinarily receive word within 30 days. For more information or to apply, visit